More Local In Florence: Walk or Bike to Sant'Ambrogio
This local walk can originate from anywhere in Florence, but the closest major known tourist destination is the large and touristy piazza and church of Santa Croce. Florence, like any other thriving city for tourism, is constantly changing. The influx of expats making Florence their home has also had its impact on local neighborhoods, one of which I had never visited -- despite making 6 previous trips to the city. Known as Sant'Ambrogio, this slowly gentrifying middle class Florentine neighborhood has its own unique stops and sights. If you're in the city for longer, perhaps staying in an apartment, and wanting to get further into the local culture, this is a good afternoon or morning experience to incorporate. I'd recommend a weekday morning as one of the stops isn't open after 1 or on Sundays. This guide has steps that would interest those that enjoy local life, and seek to get beyond touristy, first-time Florence. I hope you enjoy it and welcome feedback on how to improve and deepen this guide - I'm always happy to include reader tips, and comments.
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