Tokyo, a Guide for Fortune Seekers & Creatives
Tokyo, dear Tokyo. The amount of experiences in your mega-bustling city of 13.5 million takes my breath away. You keep me curious, hungry, and adventure-bound. You lead me from temple grounds to pachinko parlors, fine dining to fry shops, wide boulevards of designer boutiques to narrow lanes of beeping electronic stores, old castle grounds seeped in history to skyscrapers seeped in modernity, cat cafes to maid cafes, high fashion to youth fashion, and crowds of office workers to crowds of evening revelers. Tokyo, you keep me moving! It’s impossible to prepare a travel guide of Tokyo without some kind of singular focus to inform destinations. That being said, this guide is not for those seeking Japanese food or fashion. This guide is for the seekers of art, inspiration and Japanese paper goods in the grand city that is Tokyo. It will take you from fortune seeking at a temple to creative lifestyle stores dedicated to inspiring your next art project, analog correspondence, or stylized gift imbued with the gorgeous Japanese aesthetic. You will also find tips for getting Tokyo metro passes, accessing free wi-fi, and choosing a neighborhood to stay.
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