Chicago - Mural Art of the Wabash Arts Corridor WAC
Explore the Wabash Arts Corridor with close to 40 murals and more being added each year. Chicago as a city has a tradition of street art and murals in many of its neighborhoods. What makes this area so unique is that these murals are so close to downtown, making it an easy walking tour for you to do. Murals are fun because they are out in open space and have unusual sizes. You can walk up to them or enjoy them from afar. There is also a gallery and artist store to round out your art experience and there are a couple food and drink recommendations along the way. “Murals are for everyone. It’s not like just in someone’s home or in a museum. They are much larger. Everyone can see them,” -Caesar Perez (Czr Prz) Chicago street artist. (source linked on thank you page: I am highlighting 10 murals in this walking experience with the rest of the neighborhood to be a backdrop for you to discover the others. We will start at one end and finish at the other end with almost 40 murals in between. You will pass other murals on your way as you explore this South Loop neighborhood. Dispersed throughout the streets and alleyways, these murals immortalize this contemporary art available to all. New ones are being added each year and I have listed others on my thank you page. I have also listed links to all cited sources and mentioned websites on the thank you page; please note that links are only live on the thank you page of this Travel Experience.
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