Our Perfect Parisian Day: A Slow Stroll in Old-New Paris
There's a reason American writer Hemingway famously said, "For Paris is a moveable feast." Every corner of this history-rich, but ultra-modern city tells its own story and each of its neighborhoods -- or 'arrdondisements' -- appeals to different visitors. Even which side of the River Seine you are based in (our favorite is actually the Right Bank or Rive Droite), makes a big difference to your visit. The Paris of wide boulevards is impressive, even majestic, and certainly a sight to see -- but it's not my favorite Paris. I'll be honest, I can't much handle Champs Elysees, though I enjoy the majestic monuments on either end of that touristic boulevard. Instead, our family has honed, via multiple visits, it's own little version of Paris. It's one we return to again and again, and continue to later as neighborhoods themselves change and grow. We don't try to claim it's the best of Paris, but it's the best for us, for now (since Paris, is and will remain a moveable feast). In the past, we've tried many ways to share the walk built into this guide with friends, especially those who travel with kids. It requires knowing what time to day to do certain things, what to bring (if you're reading this in advance) -- and even in what order to do steps. Included are things to do, places to eat and special sights, along with directions and map points. I hope you enjoy this guide and use it as one way to create your own version of Paris.
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